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5 Generations of Caribbean secrets passed down.


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About Us

Lucian Lemonade Beverage Co products

Our Products

Bottled lemonade with a pleasant surprise.  Lucian Lemonade allows people to enjoy America's fourth most popular drink the way the Caribbean culture and nature intended it to be.  

Our Story

Lucian Lemonade's name stems from the secret ingredient's place of origin, St. Lucia.  It is a Black Woman Owned Business. After he Owner, Analisa Jean-Pierre began sharing this drink with her colleagues and friends in 2014.  In 2015, the support and demand for Lucian Lemonade exceeded any expectation. 

This requred immediate Patent of the recipe and bottling for a variety of exclusive customers.

Our Mission

"We are 1 Brand, going in many directions."

Lucian Lemonade seeks to provide freshly  bottled lemonade that tantalize the palates with a world of Caribbean flavor using a 5 Generation old recipe.  We strive for strong, exclusive, long-term, local,  and global relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers, investors and stakeholders.   

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Marie, MD

"I am not usually the type to get excited about things like this, but I cannot get over how good this is. I'm hooked! I call it Jesus juice.  Placing another order tomorrow." 

Fiona, GA

"I was only able to get this type  lemonade taste when I go home to the Caribbean, so now that I can have it at home is the best.  To be able to taste real Caribbean lemonade in Atlanta is rewarding.  I purchased for the year so that I can have them available every month and am very happy with the lemonade and the service. FREE shipping for 12 months. I jumped on that. 👍🏽🔥

Tulina Perry, NY

"I know this is ridiculous but I am hiding my Lucian Lemonade in the veggie drawer.   I know the kids won't look in there.  Gonna have to start ordering everyone their own personal case. WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lucian Lemonade. 👍🏽🎯❤🔥 I am gonna purchase for the year and get that Free Delivery. We're HOOKED!"